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One Day Steam Locomotive Driver Experience

A fantastic present to give someone for a special occasion, or maybe just an opportunity for you to indulge in a childhood dream...

We are able to offer a one day course, designed to get you behind the controls of one of our unique narrow gauge steam locomotives.

This course will include:

  • Meet the other participants at the start of the day (maximum four on the course)
  • Safety briefing and welcome to the railway
  • Meet the tutor driver who will explain the working of the locomotive
  • Each participant takes it in turn to drive the locomotive, hauling a full rake of carriages, each driving for nine miles
  • Refreshments, including a cooked lunch

Important Booking information

Participants must:
  • Be 18 years old or over. (If you appear to be under 25, we will need to see proof e.g. a driving licence or birth certificate)
  • Be able to climb, unaided, up and down a step of about a foot without delay.
  • Be able to fit onto our locomotive footplates (there is a narrow entrance / exit gap)
  • Be able to see well enough to drive a car or read a newspaper, wearing corrective lenses if necessary.
  • Be able to clearly hear what someone next to you in a moderately noisy environment is saying, wearing a hearing aid if necessary.
  • Be able to speak clearly
  • Not have any condition, or take any medication, which may lead to sudden loss of consciousness, attention, fainting or fits.
  • Not have or require a personal carer.
  • Not have any condition which may lead to involuntary movement
  • Be able to promptly follow clear and simple instructions

Sat 8th Jun 2024
Sun 23rd Jun 2024
Sun 8th Sep 2024
Sun 22nd Sep 2024
Sat 5th Oct 2024
Sat 19th Oct 2024